40 years of experience in research and development based on polymers of different nature products, aimed at the replacement and upgrading of traditional procedures waterproofing and coating in the field of construction, from the use of new technologies and new products such as epoxies and other modern high intrinsic quality polymers.

  • Epoxy Resins

  • Polyurethanes

  • Acrylates


    Physically and chemically stable at temperature ranges of -40 and +120ºC.


    Binders for laminates or mortars with mineral agrgregates for ambient curing at temperatures as low as -15ºC.


    Composites for on-site waterproof protection subjected to hydrostatic backpressure.


    Adhesives for underwater or low-temperature curing.

    Specific Chemical Resistance

    Special coating for 100% chemical resistance to, for example, concentrated sulfuric acid.

    Coatings for water tanks

    Special coating for water tanks and infrastructure of drinking water, with no migration to water.


    Resins for injections in large dams.
    • TeimLam® Waterproofing Coatings
    • TeimPav® Flooring Systems
    • TeimPox® Concrete Pathologies
    • TeimCryl® Achitectural Coatings

    Technical specialties


    Grupo Teimper® is focused in the Organic Chemistry field, applied in different industrial sectors: transport, automotive, hydraulic infrastructures, food, building, composites for marine or energy sector, etc. Our technical specialties are on-site waterproofing, continuous flooring, industrial and decorative coatings, structural reinforcements and restorations, among others.

    • Manufacturing

      • Graphics
      • Automotive
      • Wharehouses
      • Multipurpose
    • Water

      • Dams
      • Canals
      • Water Tanks
      • Treatment
    • Transport

      • Bus
      • Airplanes
      • Subway
      • Train
    • Subway

      • Tunnels
      • Stations
      • Platforms
      • Pits & lifts
    • Docks

      • Loading docks
      • Live structure
      • Container berths
    • Energy

      • Dams
      • Eolic Coats
      • Nuclear Station
    • Food & Beverage

      • Auctions & Desalination
      • Factories & Wharehouses
      • Sugar silos
      • Water tanks
    • Military

      • Explosive Store
      • Tracks
      • Angares

    Grupo Teimper


    We develop the whole cycle of operations
    inherent in the service required by the customer.

    Problem diagnosis

    Treatment system design

    Component manufacture

    Planning and Implementation

    Quality assurance

    Global warranty