Food Hygiene


Food safety and hygiene

Food Safety and Hygiene is based on a preventive approach, analysing each step in the manufacture, storage and distribution of a food product to detect hazards (microbiological, physical and chemical) and taking appropriate control measures to prevent, eliminate or reduce them to acceptable levels.

No less important is Workplace Safety in the various facilities, which have their own specific requirements for floors, walls and other surfaces.

In both cases, the use and choice of suitable materials for the execution of coatings is of vital importance.

Epoxy resin based solutions are easy to clean, reduce bacterial growth and thus maintain a healthy environment for your activity.



For this type of industry, the design of the appropriate flooring must be “tailor-made” for each production environment, analysing all the conditioning factors, among them:

Continuous flooring based on Epoxy Resin provides us with the necessary hygiene, safety, durability and resistance.


Walls and perimeter joints

The walls must also be impermeable and easy to clean. Therefore, the ideal is a uniform and hygienic wall, without dirt adhering and, therefore, easy to clean and maintain.

The correct design is essential, integrating the different junctions such as the half-rounds, gutters, drains, etc., giving the necessary continuity to the treatment of the floor and walls.

We design and apply systems that allow us to regularise, provide uniformity and cover with the right material, achieving and maintaining the necessary hygiene.


Silos and Warehouses

Silos and warehouses are containers of different shapes and capacities that are used for the storage or preservation of a wide range of products.

Products such as sugar, cereals, etc., which are powdery and granular, need a place for conservation and storage for variable periods of time, and must therefore be perfectly conditioned. For this purpose, silos of different types are built according to the needs, including metal, concrete, aluminium, plastic, etc. silos.

To increase its durability and facilitate its maintenance, both inside and outside, we must provide the silo structure with the necessary protection and healthiness.

We design and apply the necessary solutions for this purpose, complying with the most demanding health and safety regulations.


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