Balance between demand and sustainability

Today’s lifestyle demands more and more energy. Especially in a post-covid model in which electricity is key to maintain connectivity, to operate equipment in hospitals, etc. Against this backdrop, there is also concern about the emissions generated in energy production processes and their impact on climate change. The good news is that society has become aware of the importance of sustainability, which is reflected, among other aspects, in the rise of electric mobility and efficient construction.

From the TEIMPER Group, we want to continue contributing to sustainability, developing and applying solutions such as:


Wind turbine blades, tower cladding, anchorages in concrete towers, injection moulding for concrete footing repair.


Epoxy waterproofing, coatings and flooring in thermal power stations, nuclear power stations, etc.


Repair of dams in hydroelectric power plants.


Highly chemical resistant floor and wall coverings for bacteria rooms and resistant to spills of aggressive chemicals.


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