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Grupo Teimper is focused in the Organic Chemistry field, applied in different industrial sectors: transport, automotive, hydraulic infrastructures, food, building, composites for marine or energy sector, etc. Our technical specialties are on-site waterproofing, continuous flooring, industrial and decorative coatings, structural reinforcements and restorations, among others.


With 40 years’ experience, Grupo Teimper has a pathway of constant evolution during its history. Continuous qualitative upgrades in all departments within the company are the necessary condition to face challenging targets in a global environment, where Competitiveness, Quality and Ethics will define the sustainability of any business project. Therefore, our Group works with a production model based on the synergies of two companies: GAIRESA and TEIMPERSA, both with own resources and common shareholders, managed to meet technological and financial self-sufficiency, allowing the Group to take fast decisions according to the possibilities of each situation.

Proceso de Ejecución
Obras Especiales
Cubiertas Planas
Sistema impermeabilizante con pavimentación integrada


  • Requirements
  • Formulation
  • Testing and Analysis


  • Project Management
  • System Design
  • Planning and Ejecution

Final Client

  • Reception on time
  • Follow-up Degree of Satisfaction



  • Experience: 36 years of joint activities, developing new products and projects, executing the works with own resources.
  • Global production cycle: research, product development, innovation, manufacture and systems design.
  • Execution of works with self-developed products.
  • Own work teams to implement projects from the beginning.
  • Total control of the product during the execution of works.
  • Own know-how with a distinguishing quality.
  • Competitiveness
  • onfidence and fidelity of major clients.



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