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Water is a basic and necessary good but also limited in many regions around the globe. Hence, infrastructures built to enable the drinking water cycle have become in recent years a key element for every country. Our commi tment to preserve those infrastructures as long as possible is full, always complying with maximum quality, hygiene and health standards..

Therefore, GAIRESA started almost 30 years ago to develop an epoxy coating for tanks containing drinking water (and other alimentary liquids). This coating should be non-permeable and chemically resistant to the liquid inside the tank, but also safe in terms of toxicity. It’s necessary to place oneself in the context of that period to realize that requirements and regulation for plastic materials were less strict than nowadays.

To develop the above mentioned coating GAIRESA worked in close cooperation with the Bromatology Department in University of Santiago.

GAIRESA formulated the coating and the University made the tests according to the European directives below:

  • 82/711/CEE

  • 85/572/CEE

The formulation was modified to comply with the migration limits permitted by those regulations until the right formulation was developed (third attempt) with successful results. The proper repor t was issued on September 1st 1991, starting then the commercial introduction of the resulting coating (BEPOX 889), which has grown drastically until today because of its excellent behavior.
As a consequence of these investigations GAIRESA published a number of scientific articles in top international journals and part of our analytical methodology, as well as the discovering of the hydrolyzed molecules of the resin, were adopted by the European Commission in the subsequent regulations and controls for epoxy coatings in contact with food.
Certainly, BEPOX 889 marks the starting point in Europe for this kind of coatings. Of course, BEPOX 889 is periodically updated according to the current regulations.