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Water reservoirs are one of the main driving forces of the economy: drinking water supply for the cities, crops irrigation, floods control and electricity production in hydroelectric plants. Construction of dams is a well-known old Spanish tradition. Since Roman times, many infrastructures were built, including important technical milestones like the arch-gravity dam of Almansa, the oldest operative dam in Europe (1584).

Because of this experience, more than a third of operating dams in Spain are over 50 years old. Hence, a strong research and development of products and systems was done to conserve and rehabilitate this important social heritage according to more modern requirements.


  • 1. Internal sealing of cracks and joints using different kind of resins.
  • 2. Waterproofing of upstream face including injection of rubber resin.
  • 3. Preparation of expansion joints between the dam wall and the lower edge of the coating, at the bottom of the upstream face.
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