Technical specialties

Technical Procedures



Structural stability and proper operation of infrastructures for water management depend on the weathering resistance related to the action of water and the aggressive agents transported.

Therefore, features of the coating applied should meet the following targets:

  • Functional waterproofing of the structure.
  • Chemical protection of concrete.
  • Durability and ageing resistance.
  • Reduction of preservation and maintenance costs.
  • Reduction of total costs.

To achieve optimal global results it is vital to meet different quality principles:

  • Appropriate materials for the characteristics of the work.
  • Custom made execution procedures.
  • Execution by qualified workers with experience and control of the materials.
  • Self-control and verification system to satisfy right proceeding and expected features.

Most Common Technical Procedures

  • Inyections Of Resin With Different Viscosities

    Inyections Of Resin With Different Viscosities

    To recover structural continuity we developed different injection methods at pressures from 1 to 150 bar. We used epoxy formulations with different viscosities, adherent to dry or wet substrates, different Young’s modulus and low exothermic reaction in large quantities, according to the requirements of each project.

  • Treatment Of Joints Suitable For Drinking Water

    Treatment Of Joints Suitable For Drinking Water

    Thixotropic formulations based on ultimate generation elastomers, with elongation at break over 500%, high impermeability, excellent chemical resistance and constant adhesion to concrete, are a reliable solution for a properly designed expansion joint. In most cases, it is recommendable to complete the system with a flexible laminate over the joint..

  • Teimpox Sistem Structural Regeneration

    Teimpox Sistem Structural Regeneration

    Constructive complement as thixotropic mortar or micromortar with high mechanical properties for the regeneration of degraded concrete structures.

  • TeimLam® Composite

    TeimLam® Composite

    Special Coating For Highly Degraded Structures

    This system comprises on-site made composites based on the synergic combination of special polymeric binders and selected fiber reinforcements. Its main features are backpressure resistance, cracks and fissure bridging, high impermeability and excellent ageing resistance. They are able to retain the initial properties during a reasonable time span.

  • BEPOX 889 Healthcare Coating

    BEPOX 889 Healthcare Coating

    Grupo Teimper started 30 years ago to develop an epoxy coating for tanks containing drinking water. This coating should be non-permeable and chemically resistant to the liquid inside the tank, but also safe in terms of toxicity. This system brings a hygienic finish and “zero migration” since the first day in contact with water. Certainly, BEPOX 889 marks the starting point in Europe for this kind of coatings.