Waterproofing Coatings

TeimLam® System

A system for high waterproofing requirements, passable, easy to repair and with maximum reliability, also approved with European Technical Assessment ETE (previously European Technical Suitability Document).


Cubiertas con o sin aislamiento

Cubiertas aparcamiento


  • Terrazas

  • Cubiertas con o sin aislamiento

  • Cubiertas aparcamiento

  • Jardineras


    Roofs with or without insulation, car park roofs, visible or hidden terraces, roads, accesses, pedestrian areas, squares, fountains, planters, gutters and other singular constructive elements.

    On traditional waterproofing systems hidden with different types of flooring (tiles, terrazzo, mortar, etc.) On existing roofs of fibre cement, sheet metal, zinc, asphalt, synthetic coatings, etc.

    Dams, Canals, Silos, Swimming pools, Expansion joints, etc.

    The New TeimLam® system, consists of a continuous coating formed "in situ" based on a synergic combination of state-of-the-art polymeric binders and reinforcements with selected fibres. It is equipped with a self-protection layer in accordance with the expected applications (chemical attack, U/V radiation, specific aggressive agents in the environment, light, medium or heavy traffic, etc.), with a smooth or non-slip finish and available in any colour. It can also be applied with different thicknesses, from one to five millimetres, depending on the requirements of use, even on adhered thermal insulation.



    Composite Epoxi/FV

    Composite Epoxi/FV



    Consolidación y Adherencia

    Consolidación y Adherencia

    • Autoprotección


    • Composite Epoxi/FV

      Composite Epoxi/FV

    • Elastómero


    • Consolidación y Adherencia

      Consolidación y Adherencia

      Adhesion Adheres completely to the substrate, adapting to the geometry of the substrate, without cuts or welds.
      Substrates  Compatible with all types of substrates, using specific adhesives for concrete, steel, ceramics, asphalt, hydraulic conglomerates and others, as well as regenerating surfaces with low surface cohesion.

      Exposed/Hidden finish

      Exposed finish, it integrates a protection adhered to it suitable for different types of use: light, medium and/or heavy loads. In hidden applications under screed, the screed is laid directly on the system, using cement glue or mortar. In landscaped areas, the system incorporates anti-root and puncture protection.
      Crack bridging It has the capacity to absorb cracks and new cracks of up to 2 mm.
      Singular points The system itself integrates specific designs for joints, seams and singular points with movement, as well as drains, gutters, skylights, free edges, etc...
      Resistance to thermal shocks Thermal stability from +120ºC. to -20ºC.
      Weathering behaviour Exceptional, with no appreciable loss of gloss and no chalking.
      Toughness and chemical resistance Facilitates application in special areas that require specific protection: action of birds, saline mist, acid rain, etc.
      Thermal Insulation Excellent compatibility with the usual thermal insulation elements, managing to integrate insulation and waterproofing.
      Traffic Compatible with TeimPav® Systems for paving, allowing it to adapt to any kind of traffic, whether light, medium or heavy.
      Flame retardant Possibility of formulated flame retardant for applications that require it.
      Passable in execution Can be walked on during all the construction processes of a work, without the need for protection.
      Versatility of the materials The versatility of the materials offers numerous possibilities of aesthetic finishes and colours according to the construction design.
      Long service life Has a high resistance to ageing, which gives it a longer life span than most organic coatings.
      Bonding to the substrate >2 MPa
      Tensile elongation at break of Elastomer 200%
      Tensile elongation at break flexible Epoxy 60%
      Tensile elongation at break of Laminate 5%
      Laminate tensile fracture 26-30 MPa
      Static strength and punching L 4
      Dynamic strength and punching L 4
      Water absorption <2%
      Bendability -10ºC
      Maximum working temperature + 90ºC
      adiation resistance U/V Excellent
      Hazardous Substances No
      Useful life >20 years

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      The current TeimLam® System is the result of the evolution and improvement of the original TeimLam® with Spanish ETA 1983. Updated according to the new EU requirements, it has the European Technical Assessment ETE with nº 04/0097 ,being, moreover, the only approved system for passable waterproofing.

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