In line with our social commitment, the Teimper Group is committed to promoting the accessibility of our website to all people, regardless of their physical or intellectual condition. For this reason, the group’s portal has been designed in accordance with the International Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 2.1 of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) at level AA (Double-A):

  • Some components that are used to visually indicate selected elements (selected tabs, selected page in paginations, etc.) when browsing using high contrast, are only displayed in the Edge browser (if browsing using high contrast in Chrome and Firefox they are not displayed due to specific characteristics of the components and these browsers).
  • Very occasionally, overlapping of some content occurs when the text size is increased to 200%.

Measure taken:

Separation of content and presentation.

  • Style sheets (CSS) are used to present the information and HTML code is used for a valid structuring of content.
  • The visual elements of the website such as typography, colour and background are defined in the style sheets so that you can adjust the content based on your preferences.

Increasing and decreasing text size.

The font size has been defined in relative units so that you can increase or decrease its size from the browser options, which allows, among others:

  • Increase text
  • Decrease text
  • Greyscale
  • High contrast
  • Negative contrast
  • Light background
  • Underline links
  • Readable font
  • Reset preferences
  • Visit the sitemap

Content hierarchy.

  • The content architecture has been defined following the W3C guidelines, always offering the appropriate markup for each type of content.
  • The user will be able to read the information perfectly with a screen reader. Under this objective, section headings, lists and all the elements that help the general understanding of the website have been defined by means of HTML code.


  • Based on the corporate image of the Teimper Group, the typography and colours used on this portal have been defined and contrasted, ensuring that the information is presented clearly regardless of these conditions.
  • The website is designed so that users can navigate in high contrast to distinguish menus, links, images and general content.

Keyboard accessible navigation and functionality..

  • The site is accessible and functional through the computer keyboard, by using the tab key it is possible to position oneself on any element present on the different pages.
  • The user can position himself on the selected element and by pressing
    “Enter” on his keyboard he can perform the same action as if he were
    clicking with the left button of the mouse.


  • Most of the links have been configured according to their destination, providing the user with the precise mechanisms that favour information and good navigability through the website.


  • The contact and employment form fields have been designed in such a way that navigability through the fields always follows a logical tabulation order.
  • The relevant labels have been provided to facilitate the understanding of the data.

Display of the contents in different types of browsers.

  • If the user enters the website through a browser that does not support CSS, the markup used allows all the contents to be displayed correctly.

Technologies used in web development.

  • Compliance with the accessibility standards of the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), at intermediate level (AA). Web 2.1 Accessible Content Guidelines.
  • The presentation is based on the W3C Recommendation on Cascading Style Sheets, version CSS3.
  • We use the recommended standard in the use of HTML5 code, benefiting from the new updates included in this version, such as more semantic tagging, flexible syntax, new tags that facilitate the understanding of forms.


In the case of the forms included in the contact section, ReCaptcha technology (Google Inc.) is used to prevent any future “spam” problems that may occur. But in this case, there is an error with the “textarea” that is being used and to which we do not have access as it is a third party provider. This error would be dealt with by defining the relevant “aria-labelledby”.

Remarks and contact details.

If you have seen any content on this website that is not accessible, or if you have any questions or suggestions regarding accessibility, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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